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Dating apps: Bumble in the long-term test

This time columnist Mascha snatched a single friend who revealed her insider knowledge about the dating app Bumble. You can read here how to flirt there and how successful the first six months was.

My friend Larissa is 37 and a little stressed from online dating. Above all, she’s really fed up with dating apps that are all about sex (I don’t even know what she means? Tinder is beautiful and colorful and has EVERYTHING to offer …). She started Bumble half a year ago. The app, which also works via the browser – via Facebook, again, for example – describes itself as an online community. In addition to dates, you should also be able to find friends and networks here. Bumble has been around since 2014, and by now 21 million people worldwide are said to have registered. Well then, tell me, Larissa …

“I signed up with Bumble about half a year ago. For online dating, not to make friends. I gave Tinder the pass, so to speak, because in my opinion this dating app makes more sense if you just want to fuck. I finally feel like having a relationship again. What I think is good: You create a larger profile than with Tinder and can answer a catalog of questions – and many do that, at least partially. In addition to the question of who you are looking for (I’m looking for men), age and area, you can also answer many more detailed questions. For example, whether you are looking for a relationship or something non-binding and so on, zodiac signs, job, what you like to do, whether you smoke or drink (yes, that’s a bit strange) and whether you already have children or still want some. So very detailed. For me, for example, it was important to state that I already have children. Then the man knows exactly where he is. And maybe I know too.

There are no funny games on Bumble, you just swipe from picture to picture and give hearts or crosses – in this case similar to Tinder. And I also think the design, compared to other dating apps, is good, fairly clear and modern. The only strange thing: I entered the age range from 33 to 46, but sometimes the very young boys are still displayed to me. Well

The special thing about Bumble: Here only women can write first. If you have a match, so they both liked each other, I have 24 hours to get in touch with a message. Then the man again has 24 hours to respond to my message, otherwise the match dies, so to speak. This should encourage people not to just collect matches to see how popular you are. But also really to get in touch. And actually it works quite well. There are not an infinite number of men I like now, but quite a few. When I write to someone, I’m naturally less of a joke machine. I mostly refer to something from his profile in order to have some hook. So give me an effort. Not everyone answers, of course, but the rate is okay. There have been no lewd sex messages yet. But here, too, it naturally happens that messages simply fizzle out. Sometimes this 24-hour rule is not that easy if you don’t feel like writing directly.

I would say I was and am in contact with 25 guys who exchanged more than two messages. And I met some of them on one or more dates.

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