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Best Portland Dating Coach For Men!

Over the past 9 years she has personally coached over 1,250 men looking for their next relationship and has published over 650 self-help articles on her website. She currently ranks as the #1 dating advice blog on the internet. Connell Barrett is a NYC dating coach who’s helped thousands of men all over the world find their soulmates while dating with integrity and authenticity. Connell’s been featured on the Today Show and in publications including Cosmopolitan, Playboy and Oprah Magazine. At the bars, I would see incredible women I wanted to meet, but I couldn’t talk to them. I now feel more present, real and vulnerable—not just with approaching girls but at work and with my friends.

When we first started coaching, I felt stuck in a dating rut, talking to women online, but rarely dating in real life. Michaela helped me to be more attractive and desirable to women. I now have a stronger sense of self and I feel more confident flirting with women. Michaela also helped me to stop procrastinating, and overthinking, and follow through on my goals.

The vast amount of time I have spent coaching men has provided me with a unique insight into the male online dater that few others walking this earth have. And now I’d like to help you benefit from all my years of experience. The introductory session is via Google Hangout, and the rest of the biweekly sessions are usually by phone for an hour at a time. All of the sessions are recorded so clients can go back and listen.

Well, your dating coach will help you emulate their confidence and dating skills to land you your catch. Working with a dating coach, you will be able to see their successes that ultimately drive you to be the even better version of you. Your dating coach already has the skills to take on a successful relationship, and so can you by being held accountable.

She began her career as a top-performing matchmaker for a Stanford StartX company before transitioning to coaching. Now Cora’s 6-figure coaching business has helped her audience of 32,000 build the skills and confidence they need to find and create meaningful connections. The single most important thing that has contributed to my success as a coach is walking in the shoes of singles.

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