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How long have I been for nothing but curse and curse?

Since I did not agree to talk to him at one time, he reacted to me with a violent event in the astral plane, and his purpose was to frighten, frightened, he did these things in order to intimidate him and I know what to do with these possibilities, my waking opposition disappears when I sleep, and everything falls into his hands. This is the most painful thing. My time is dying with this being. Even Baze is making a loud noise, especially at times when he doesn’t have what he wants. For example, another one, the game of forgetting, if there is something important to you, it is usually in his interest, for example, while writing this article, he is doing this like making me forget what I wanted to write. And someone else, for example, you feel like someone, this is a dreamy feeling, but you name it. it is a feeling, and at that time this being is telling something else to you, and it is both from him, and if you do not realize it, whatever he wants may seem more striking to you and make him believe.

It is so bad that you have to fight for them. It is the most unbearable for you to speak with your mouth without a mouth, but you can not say it without your mind, but one of your mouth speaks this entity, which is a lot of events that affect me negatively, like these, I complain about the spiritual plans of the management of people. I ask them to separate this entity from me, I ask him to tell him over and over and he does not understand if he says I am in love with you, do not believe it, because even his sullen love would make him want to ask?

She’s striving for satisfaction is one of the excuses she uses to me all the time, love, this is not love, just to satisfy her selfish remembrance.

If he said duty, he said it was the end of himself, that is, the task of spiritual development by disturbing it was over, it started again when it was rejected for some reason, it was all hungry before being rejected, his was concerned with the ailments they wanted to attract to someone who rejected him, I would not bother and would not bother him if I was his hands This situation is different. if not, i’m wondering what my directory entity is doing in this situation?

But I believe in the weight of the first option, and I want to be aware of my complaint about my guide, it hurts me now, and the room accepts it, if it is related to post-separation, it makes threats and it is the biggest lie that it shows its discomfort as I said is the biggest lie. he himself finally realized what he was doing. Essentially, the rising crab believed that sadness should be created with love.

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