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Pictures that are 10 years or 15 kilograms away from current reality are only suitable if you are looking for pure pen friends.

In your profile texts, the nickname is the most important element, because it can be seen in the list overviews together with your main photo. Since this name is determined when you register and usually cannot be changed afterwards, you should think about it long and hard.

Profile names like “Pussybaer66” or “BrokenHeart” are ridiculous or even daunting.

The statistics say that you are on the safe side with a modification of your first or nickname. Modifications are necessary because nicknames can only be assigned once on most dating platforms and most common names are already gone.

So play around with your first / nickname and look for catchy variations that describe you well.

Avoid building in your age, because Gabi28 will no longer be right next year at the latest.

Get to the point

After the nickname, the size of your texts is the second most important criterion. Everyone knows them, everyone hates them and yet they cannot be killed: Profiles as long as yards, which were obviously written under the influence of severe logorrhea, are a pretty sure turn off. In the best case scenario, they are just not read (and the man writes a message anyway), in the worst case the woman thinks OMG (and clicks on).

Therefore: be brief and avoid over-information. Short, crisp profile texts instead of long self-descriptions are still the best way to say as much about yourself as is necessary for an initial contact.

Be different from everyone else and stay honest even if you think you look 10 years younger. Avoid topics such as religion or politics, old age and retirement, marriage or desire for children, monogamy, ex and heartbreak, etc. At least at the beginning. Clichés and gender stereotypes have no place in your profile either – unless you are kidding yourself a little. With an emphasis on a little ’!

And the same applies to the pictures: Revise your profile texts regularly!

Why you shouldn’t try too hard with your messages

Anyone who has read Part 1 knows that more than half of all those willing to mate use their smartphones to date. That is also the reason for the following tip:

Be brief …

In order to improve the effectiveness of your online dating, you shouldn’t put too much effort into writing your texts. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The secret is less and generally harmless, meaningless ‘texts to go’.

Example: ‘I don’t care too much about the matching numbers here, but I think 89% is pretty decent. I would be interested in how exactly that fits 😉 ’is completely sufficient for the first contact.

… but not too short

However, there is also a ‘too short’. Messages that only consist of ‘Hi’ or Hello ’, literally smell like mass mailers and regularly lead to extremely luscious response rates.

Is there anything else to consider?

As a man, do not address women as girls, gals or girls. Princess, Queen, Beauty or Lady are also rather suboptimal. Pick up the nickname for the salutation, play with it if necessary and otherwise stick to the general Frau ’.

Example: ‘Hello Mel’ (if the nickname was ‘Melrose’)… ‘I like women with humor and your…’ (with reference to anything humorous in the profile).

Ask questions (but not too many)

This is also a tip with 2 pages. Questions are good for finding out more about each other, but in any case avoid the impression of a questionnaire. One or a maximum of two questions per email are ok.

Oh yes, please don’t fall into the house with the marriage, relationship or desire to have children door. Something like that is a reliable deterrent. Even people who would actually be up for it.

– Learn to surf and do yoga (because these are the most frequently mentioned words in profiles worldwide)

– Listen to Radiohead (most mentioned band)

– Always be yourself and ignore the two aforementioned points if they do not suit you

– Date on Sundays (Sunday evening is the day with the highest response rate)

The worm has to taste good to the fish – errors between the sexes when it comes to physical advantages

The results of surveys or profile analyzes are always amusing when it comes to assessing one’s own physical advantages and what the opposite sex is really interested in.

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