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In my case I said β€œI want it that way” from the Backstreet Boys. Which is very often addressed by women. Sometimes they start our conversations with it:

This is a question that you shouldn’t be asking. Because someone who asks this question has not understood flirting and getting to know each other πŸ˜‰

For example, would you ask this question in a bar if you just approached a woman?

Then why should you ask that question? (You should not!)

Sure, Tinder is a dating platform on which some are looking for a steady relationship, others are looking for short affairs and completely others are looking for new acquaintances and friends.

But what do these people all have in common?

You are looking for contact with other people.

As already described above for ONS, you don’t care if a woman has this in her profile. Since it should be up to her to only meet you for a one night stand if she is no longer in it.

The question “What are you looking for here on Tinder?” is accordingly nonsensical because you are two people who can get to know each other.

Of course, women will ask you this question every now and then. Therefore, I would now like to give you my answer and with it my view on dating.

Feel free to use this answer yourself 1 to 1:

I’m looking for a cool girl to hang out with. And then to see what develops from it. Maybe it’s just something tingly short or something nice long-term. I am open.

Or you polarize something with your answer and say this:

And so the question of what you are looking for on Tinder is irrelevant.

Then this is the wrong article for you. Because writing to a woman with the claim that she only wants sex makes her interchangeable, which is very disparaging.

This of course also applies to women who are only looking for Tinder for sex with men.

Develop relationships and get to know each other. Find out what the other likes and what they don’t. Then the sex will also be better if it is just a friendship plus with you.

When your conversation is on a high, in a good mood and with a quick text change, the best time to give her your number is.

The change of text should take place in such a way that you answer each other directly without several minutes or hours passing.

The mood should be casual and relaxed, as if you were joking around with a good friend about something.

When the time comes to swap numbers, write her your number. For example like this:

β€œLet’s keep writing on Whatsapp. 0172/123456789 ”

You are giving her an assignment and taking the lead by saying what the next step is. By giving her your number, you’re telling her to write to you.

Men often worry too much about how best to get their number.

It is not so important that she gives you the number as that you ask her to swap numbers.

A woman expects you to be the man and take the lead in the next step of communication.

That means: asking her for the number, suggesting a date, kissing her.

You can see here that you don’t have to go around the bush for long and can simply ask them for their number:

It’s not officially confirmed, but if we assume that the goal of the app is to get people to get to know each other there, then at some point the number should be swapped. For these reasons:

This means that you should send your number to every woman you talk to for longer (over 6-10 text changes). Because this is how the app sees that the conversation went well and will continue to show you at the top of other women, so more women see you and you get more matches that you can meet again.

When you switch from Tinder to Whatsapp, your communication becomes more three-dimensional. You can now send voice messages to each other, so you can hear your voices before.

If you have learned to work with your voice (through our mentoring program, for example), you can immediately collect a few plus points and make them even more curious about you if you send her an audio recording in response.

You can also send each other videos and photos so you can get to know each other better before your date.

The app is not the place to ask for a date or to make a date. Whatsapp is better suited for this, as you can also call each other briefly or send a location.

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