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The brain does not need more than a tenth of a second to evaluate the first impression. However, this looks a little different with online dating than in real life: Here, users take an average of five seconds for each profile. Because of this, casual daters with an original and meaningful profile have a better chance of making a lasting impression.

The best online dating sites in comparison

Dating portals usually require a pseudonym or nickname to be specified before the profile is set up. Most users choose a combination of their first name and year of birth. In order to stand out from the gray mass of members, however, a little more creativity is required. It is advantageous, for example, if the nickname already gives an indication of the personality. One possibility is to link an interest with the place of residence, for example as a “Berlin Hiker”. While men prefer playful names with attractive properties such as “sweet” in women, women are more attracted to cultivated names such as Romeo. It is important to avoid negative associations – like “Kai Nermagmich” – and to forego the real name, as this may open doors for fraudsters.

Once the user name has been determined, it is time to design the profile. The following applies here: The more personal information you can find about height, weight and appearance, but also hobbies, interests and values, the easier it is to arouse a potential partner’s curiosity. If the profile is original, lively and detailed, the user stands out from the gray single crowd and receives many suitable inquiries.

In advance, it helps, for example, to ask friends and family for support, as they know your own advantages particularly well. Since the profile visitors should know who they are dealing with, it is important not to pretend, but to remain honest. The free texts in particular require a certain amount of creativity. Here users should not start with the typical “I’m looking for …”, but should reveal intimate details and attract attention in order to generate the desire for more.

Since the primary goal is to establish contact, the profile text should captivate the visitor or even put a smile on his face. A relaxed and humorous text usually appeals to everyone. Here, however, it is beneficial not to overdo it, as it could seem dubious, in other words: The right mix of serenity and seriousness is required.

A list of hobbies, such as sporting activities and interests, or the favorite films and books, represent everyday life and also say something about personality. However, new members should not write more than 100 to 200 words in order not to intimidate their profile visitors with masses of text.

With these tips you are guaranteed to attract attention:

Users should take sufficient time to check the texts for spelling errors and update their profile regularly.

The profile photo is the cherry on the cake and shouldn’t be taken lightly for this reason. In the case of casual dating portals in particular, most members pay particular attention to appearance. A photo increases the chances many times that an interested party will contact you. Since the photo is the first thing a visitor sees of a potential candidate before looking at the profile, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Watch out for

the quality

the background

the light

the pose

the facial expressions

the clothing

the make-up

The profile picture should be of high quality and as meaningful as possible. This means that the last party photo, on which the member can only be seen blurred in a boozy mood, is unsuitable. Instead, we recommend an image in which the user is smiling and does not show too much skin. A slight smile or even an implied kiss on the lips look likeable, whereas the popular duckface is not recommended. A smile still dresses best!

Clothing already says a lot about a person.

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